Maine Press Gives Emily Cain a Free Pass (to Hollywood)


If Emily Cain were a conservative, her trip to Hollywood to visit a secretive group of dark-money interests would have made headlines across the state.

A politician who rails against “Wall Street” and “millionaires and billionaires” influencing the political process, but then hunkers down at a secret conclave to collect donations from Wall Street Executives and millionaires and billionaires, should not get a free pass. But Emily Cain has.

The Maine press, to my knowledge, has not pressed her on this issue at all. This is a terrible disservice to Maine people.

It is straight out of the Hillary Clinton playbook.

The Democracy Alliance is essentially a group of extremely wealthy ultra-liberal donors, who secretly funnel vast sums of dark-money to groups that influence all aspects of American life by applying pressure on politicians to change policy in their favor.

Issues such as strict gun control, legalization of drugs, with some members even pushing for legalization of hard drugs such as heroin, a more liberal immigration policy, and socialist economic policies that are framed as ‘social justice’ are the focus of this group.

The Democracy Alliance is a liberal billionaire’s club – and Emily Cain is their darling.

Take for example, the Soros Fund Management Firm. Michael Vachon, the top political operative for this $5 billion Wall Street firm, is one of only a handful of people named alongside Ms. Cain, as attending this secretive meeting.

Other reports from reputable sources detail Vachon as being the most powerful man in the Democracy Alliance, directing tens of millions of dollars to favored causes and groups, including one group, the Drug Policy Alliance, that would legalize hard drugs, even heroin.

If Ms. Cain is so stridently opposed to Wall Street money, and only interested in looking out for the interest of Maine’s people, why on earth would she seek an audience with this group?

But, Ms. Cain’s hypocrisy does sound eerily similar to her national running-mate, Hillary Clinton.

While railing against Wall Street and big banks, Hillary Clinton is cashing checks from big bank and Wall Street executives at a record pace.

Add to this Hillary Clinton’s refusal to release the transcripts of speeches she has been paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to give, some to these same banks and Wall Street firms, and any reasonable person can see a problem.

One would think that a first principle of running for office at this level would be to stand by your core beliefs. But, unfortunately, for Ms. Cain and Sec. Clinton, it appears principles and core beliefs are discarded as soon as the doors are closed and the cameras are off.

In Maine, where Bernie Sanders won big with the liberal voter base, one has to wonder how long it will be until that same base takes a peek behind the curtain and realizes Ms. Cain is a lot less Bernie, and a lot more Hillary, in her approach to the influence of big money in politics.


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