Teacher Bullies Student for Wearing Hat


When one of Maine’s government-run schools was caught recruiting students to advocate for Hillary Clinton, I figured you would be hard-pressed to find a more loathsome act in a Maine classroom.

I mean, who could imagine taxpayer-funded employees using children to advance the political interests of a corrupt near-septuagenarian currently under FBI investigation for violations of the Espionage Act?

But they proved me wrong last week when a teacher at South Portland High School – an actual fully-grown adult teacher, I’m told – was exposed for bullying a student because of his political beliefs.

An unnamed teacher targeted Sophomore Connor Mullen for derision upon seeing Mullen’s red “Make America Great Again” hat – the trademark headwear of populist presidential candidate Donald Trump and his fans.

The teacher, who enjoys near-perfect job security due to the corrupt teachers’ unions’ penchant for protecting even bad teachers who bully students, said he or she is happy Connor can’t vote yet – which amounts to telling him he is too ignorant to partake in American democracy.

“This is a beautiful problem to have in a school because it’s a chance to practice democracy,” Superintendent Ken Kunin told some hack at the Press Herald.

I’ve got a better idea: Why don’t you practice accountability, you know, like in the private sector, where punks who abuse a position of authority and bully children get fired?

But let’s go along with this infantile “learning moment” logic liberals always use to exempt themselves for the typical rules of decency.

Where is this kids’ safe space? Who’s going to protect him from this hack teacher’s microaggressions?

Safe spaces, microaggressions, emotional security – such poppycock only applies when states like North Carolina say 40-year-old men in dresses can’t pee alongside four-year-old girls under the guise of transgenderism. None of these liberal pieties matter when it’s liberal nut jobs violating safe spaces and microaggressing against young, conservative high school students.

Let’s put the shoe on the other foot: What if some crusty old gym teacher or even a janitor ridiculed a young Somali Muslim for wearing a hijab? What if said crusty old man told her, “I’m glad you can’t vote because Trump wants to deport you and you’d vote against Trump.”

Progressive social justice warriors would freak. The shrill screams from the Press Herald offices would shatter glass. The American Civil Liberties Union would be on the case like John Edwards chasing a bloody ambulance. Portland’s former diversity czar Rachel Talbott Ross might even take a break from screaming at parking lot managers to scream at someone else. The Bangor Daily News would find some way to blame the whole affair on Gov. Paul LePage.

Yet because Trump Derangement Syndrome inspired this liberal wanker’s bullying, the rump swabs at the Press Herald say his intimidation of a young student set off “dialogue”.

No, seriously, that was the title of their article: “Student in pro-Trump hat sets off taunting, dialogue at South Portland High

Really?! What was the dialogue?

The administrators at the school told the kid he should probably save himself some trouble and not wearing the hat – you know, just like young women should avoid wearing skimpy outfits to not get raped.

I’ve got some alternate headlines for the pabulum pukers at One City Center:

  • “Teacher Bullies Student for Wearing Hat”
  • “Teacher Keeps Job After Ridiculing Student’s Beliefs”
  • “SoPo School Condones Political Intimidation of Students”

Back to the young hijab-wearing Somali student and her crusty critic. Can you imagine that “dialogue”?

“Hi young lady, I know you have a right to wear your religious headscarf, but the teachers would probably berate you and your beliefs a little less if you left it at home along with your halal cold lunch and Quran.”

It’s akin to what happened to Connor.

But because the victim is a white conservative male, he doesn’t qualify as a protected individual in the eyes of the omphaloskepsis crowd.

To Connor’s credit, he gets it. He was tough. He took the hits from his peers. That’s politics.

But don’t get me wrong: Connor should take criticism. He’s supporting a presidential candidate with an understanding of American civics, trade, foreign relations, and military policy several years below his own grade level. But it should not come from the questionably qualified teacher his parents are paying to teach him.

And limp-wristed hacks at One City Center should not lie to their readers and say this incident has set off dialogue.

There is and was no meaningful dialogue. This hack teacher will continue to poison the minds of students. This hack principal will continue to condone and protect reprobates who bully students. And this golden parachute superintendent will continue to shine turds for a reprehensible educational system that is dedicated to turning students into progressive robots.

I couldn’t imagine a better advertisement for homeschooling in Maine.


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