Clinton Escapes FBI Probe But Faces Trial in Court of Public Opinion


If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, it must be a duck, correct?

This type of abductive reasoning doesn’t apply to government corruption when your surname happens to be Clinton.

Over a year ago, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton told the American people she had nothing to hide. She told us she didn’t send or receive any classified information on her private email server, and that there was no possibility of a data breach by foreign adversaries. She even told us she was only using one device to simplify the process for herself and others.

Turns out, she is a broken record.

FBI Director James Comey disproved each of Clinton’s claims during a press conference on Tuesday, using rhetoric that sliced Clinton’s already blemished record to bits.

Comey called Clinton “extremely careless,” in handling classified information and informed the public of 110 emails and more than 52 email chains found on her servers that were marked classified at the time they were sent or received. Additionally, Comey could not guarantee to the public that hostile governments had not breached her servers while she used her mobile device in foreign territories during her time as secretary of state. The FBI investigation also confirmed that Clinton was using several private email servers and several different devices for conducting government business, all of which are contrary of her explanations to date.

And as Comey spoke, it appeared as if millions of Americans were about to be vindicated and justice would be served. But, he would close his press conference without recommendation of legal action against Clinton, a meek and somber endorsement of conduct that puts national security at risk and betrays the trust of the American people.

Not only was Comey and the FBI’s roundup of the matter incomplete and incomprehensible when considering the findings revealed through the investigation, Comey himself suggested that if someone other than Clinton were being tried under these circumstances, further action would likely be taken.

“To be clear, this is not to suggest that in similar circumstances, a person who engaged in this activity would face no consequences. To the contrary, those individuals are often subject to security or administrative sanctions,” Comey said during the press conference.

But security and administrative sanctions will not come to Clinton. Instead, Clinton’s malfeasance will continue to be overlooked as she aims to secure the Democratic presidential nomination just weeks from now, gearing up to bring that same brand of corruption all the way to the White House.

Above all else, Comey and the FBI’s investigation beg the question of why having the surname ‘Clinton’ puts you above the law. In the past, members of government and the United States military have been indicted and had the book thrown at them for much less than what Comey revealed of Clinton on Tuesday.

Democrats can praise Clinton’s actions as lawful, but the American people will not accept this blatant misuse of power and obvious corruption. If the Obama Administration refuses to hold Clinton responsible, the American people will do so themselves in November.

Without an indictment, the path to victory is much clearer for Clinton in a legal sense. Now she just has to explain to the American people why she deserves to be elected as President after knowingly lying about the use of her personal email servers while putting American lives at risk.

That is a tall order.

But, if it lies like a Clinton, deceives like a Clinton, and abuses power like a Clinton, you can bet your money Democrats will do anything to put that lame duck in office.


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