Maine People Can’t Trust the MEA


The Maine Education Association (MEA) has used out of state funds to place job-crushing Question 2 on the November ballot – but Maine people should know we can’t trust the MEA. They tell their members one thing but do another in Augusta.

I have been trying to partner with the MEA to invest in professional development for Maine teachers. In September, MEA president Lois Kilby-Chesley e-mailed all MEA members saying “I welcome any opportunity to sit down with the Governor and respectfully share ideas on how we can work collaboratively to improve teachers and schools…” but she wasn’t telling the truth. We agreed to meet on October 11.

As the date approached, she backed out, informing my office that she could no longer meet until after the November election.

This proves that the union bosses at the MEA would rather play politics than work to make a difference for Maine teachers or to “stand up” for our students. Don’t trust the MEA on Question 2.


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