Obamacare Op-Ed the Portland Press Herald Won’t Publish



Note: The following Op-Ed was submitted to the Portland Press Herald Editorial Page Editor for consideration and ignored.

75,000 Mainers are dead today.

That’s what the Portland Press Herald would have you believe.

That is, if Congress had not passed an overwhelmingly partisan, unworkable, complex, unaffordable, debt-inducing piece of Legislation – 75,000 Maine people would be dead – you could be one of them.

They are walking zombies. Dead people all around us.

The PPH editorial writer stated: “Congress is preparing to start voting this week to repeal the ACA with nothing in place to help”… “75,000 Mainers – whose lives could depend on it.”

ACA is Obamacare, so there you have it. If Congress had not passed this law there would be 75,000 fewer living people in Maine.

In this heightened rhetoric which unfortunately surrounds our politics today, it is time to take a step back, take a deep breath, and think about reality.

Despite the media hype from time to time that includes both Democrats and Republicans, most Americans in all walks of life are well-meaning, decent people.

There is no doubt that members of Congress certainly want to see health insurance work for Americans.

Here is a strange idea, maybe we should let them try to sort through this issue and see what their solutions look like.

In Maine the media has reported that 80% of single Obamacare enrollees are “insured” by just one company; a company that is losing tens of millions of dollars yearly. How long can that ship stay afloat?

Some leaders are simply saying: it doesn’t work. It is not working. It is not sustainable.

Don’t advocate for a failed program just for the sake of politics while using hyperbole like walking zombies and ignoring key facts. Let’s save that for the TV melodramas.

Following the Press Herald’s hyperbolic logic, all the people who can no longer afford insurance due to Obamacare and are instead paying an IRS fine have had their lifelines cut.

Those who lost their plan, or doctor, after being promised ‘if they liked them they could keep them’ have now lived years under the actual circumstances the Press Herald fictionally created for others, while the PPH ignored the actual ‘repeal and replace’ scenario that Congress is working on.

During this time, Obamacare drove costs out of sight, cost taxpayers enormous amounts of money, and increased our national debt.

All but a few of the Obamacare co-ops across the country have collapsed.

Non-partisan actuaries are saying Obamacare is in a death spiral right now.

Beyond the Press Herald’s hyperbole is a deep misunderstanding or misrepresentation of the facts. They showcase an ignorance of the tens of millions of people adversely affected by Obamacare and of the tens of millions more relying on Obamacare who can be helped by Congressional action to Make Health Insurance Work Again.

We owe it to Congress, and those Americans hurt now or in the future, to let them work toward solutions instead of insisting we watch the current system collapse under its own weight while we play politics.


The original Press Herald editorial can be viewed here.

About Jason Savage

Jason Savage has been the Executive Director of the Maine GOP since 2013. Before heading up Maine's premier political party, he co-founded and served as Executive Director of the non-profit organization Maine People Before Politics, where he advocated for lower taxes, less debt, welfare reform and other priorities for Maine people. Jason's work has been published in every major newspaper in Maine.

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