Trump Administration Reshaping Culture of American Media


It’s been an exciting time in politics as of late, with the liberal media frothing at the mouth and eagerly awaiting a miscue by the current administration. As strange as it looks, it’s actually a really good sign. For the last 50 years, liberal-progressivism has infiltrated the mainstream media in the United States. They had almost total control over the media’s narrative by the 1980’s, and they have been able to maintain that control (except for a few cases, like conservative talk radio).

Now, it is the liberal-progressive juggernaut that is on the run. They’re spinning in circles because they don’t understand how they are being penned in like this. Fortunately, they are virtually incapable of understanding it. After being in control for so long, they’ve forgotten what it took to get there. Hopefully they will remain ignorant as walls continue to fall around them.

When President Donald Trump’s administration declares that other media groups besides the entrenched liberals will be allowed in press meetings, and that questions will be taken in an orderly fashion by a list or show of hands, the mainstream media can’t understand it. They’ve been top dog so long (silencing dissent with a bark and a growl) that they can’t understand how the administration can actually give other people a turn at the microphone.

For years, the mainstream media has just talked over everyone else. But now you see Sean Spicer, Trump’s media spokesman, tell seasoned reporters they can’t talk over other people and blurt out their questions. Instead, Trump’s press team has requested they act like adults, which should serve as a wake-up call to the liberal media regarding their own civility.

Trump has essentially declared war on the rogue media of the United States. When he calls out fake news, he’s saying that the media has a responsibility to tell facts, not fiction. If they want to rewrite reality with false narratives, they should join tabloids on the bottom rack. If they want admittance into White House press meetings and receive the respect that comes as members of the press pool, they have to act like big boys and girls.

Some Republicans have foolishly sided with the media, as they’ve been in politics so long they’ve forgotten which way is up and down, left or right. They actually think that a manipulative media that hides stories contrary to their agenda and pushes accusations without fact is the norm.

Most Americans merely expect the media to be unbiased, or at the very least, disseminate the facts and admit when they are adding a personal opinion. Instead, the mainstream media in our country has treated its own opinion as fact, and treats real facts as unworthy opinions of everyday Americans.

Well, not anymore. There’s a new President in the White House, and he and his team are calling out those who lie. There will be no more playing ball with the media on the White House lawn. Instead, there will be an expectation of adult behavior and honesty. Those politicians who think otherwise will soon discover that the truth sets you free, while continued dishonesty throws you out of office.

While I was walking yesterday, I saw a car with a bumper sticker which said, “Fearful people do stupid things.” It reminded me of a sad and important truth: Over the years, conservatives allowed themselves to be pigeonholed by fear. We assumed that since we are a tolerant people who believe in freedom, we had to bend over and tolerate those who are intolerant of us and our freedom.

For 50 years, we upholders of the Constitution have been afraid that we would be accused of being intolerant when we disagreed with another opinion. We have allowed ourselves to be bullied out of the media, out of the political halls of power, and almost out of this country. We thought that if we just got along with people, that surely they would respect our opinion. But they don’t. They respect neither us, nor our opinion, and especially not the Constitution or freedom.

Fortunately, the time has come for Americans to remember that we are a free people. What began with leaders like Ronald Reagan, whom many see as the first real retaliating strike against liberal-progressivism, has culminated in the election of Donald Trump. His election represents another stand by the silent majority of Americans, no longer content to remain silent, making another stand against tyranny in our country.

Hopefully, this stand will continue beyond the presidency of Trump, and will maintain the majority’s voice in the public sphere, so their opinion may be heard again and again as the will of the people.


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