Biden “obviously not capable” of running country, says LePage [VIDEO]


President Joe Biden may have won the election, but he’s not really in charge, according to former Republican Gov. Paul LePage, who’s seeking a third non-consecutive term as governor of Maine.

“I believe that President Biden won the election, I’m just not sure who’s running the country,” LePage said at the first gubernatorial debate in Lewiston.

“He’s obviously not capable of running the country,” he said, “and I don’t know who’s waving the strings.”

Questions over President Biden’s mental fitness for the office have been common among right-wing commentators since before his election. But after Biden, 79, appeared to call out for a recently deceased congresswoman at an event in Michigan, more mainstream members of the press, including members of the White House Correspondents Association, have asked questions.

Biden also has a habit of wandering around appearing confused during public events.

And he’s been known to try shaking hands with invisible friends.


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