A Message to Maine Wire Readers from Steve Robinson


Greetings Dear Reader,

You may have noticed some changes around The Maine Wire lately. We’ve got a new look, an aggressive and handsome new Editor-in-Chief (me), and a new vision for disrupting Maine news media.

Many of you already know who I am. After spending some time away with the Howie Carr Show and Barstool Sports’ Kirk Minihane Show, I’ve escaped from the People’s Republic of Massachusetts to come home and run the Wire.

I’ve chosen to do this because I love Maine, and I truly believe the Wire has never been more important for Maine’s future.

Since I took over in October, I’ve encountered a shocking amount of fear. Government employees are afraid to speak with press, teachers are afraid to say what’s really happening in their classrooms, and business owners are afraid to criticize politicians.

They’re all afraid because the State government has been weaponized against normal working-class people.

Speak out against Janet Mills’ lockdowns, and the State will come for your liquor license.

Question Nirav Shah or Anthony Fauci, lose your medical license.

Attend a school board meeting, get treated like a bigot and domestic terrorist.

Mainers should never have to live in fear of politicians and bureaucrats, but that’s exactly where we are today.

How did State government get so out of control?

Part of the problem is a lethargic, incurious news media that cheerleads politicians and government officials rather than holding them accountable. Maine needs a vibrant adversarial press, but what we’ve got now are mostly handmaidens of the State.

The only remedy to abusive overreaching state government fearless adversarial journalism.

That’s where the Wire comes in.

As you know from reading our work, in the past two months the Wire has already broken major stories that the mainstream media wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole.

  • We exposed how one public-school teacher was brainwashing students with left-wing political rants.
  • We’ve revealed how radical left-wing ideas about race and gender have seeped into Maine’s public institutions, including our schools, our medical system, and even our jails.
  • We reported exclusively on Senate President Troy Jackson’s threatening phone call to Jay McCrum, which led his wife Sue to drop out of a State Senate race. (The Bangor Daily News investigated that story for two years but never published it!)

Thanks to this aggressive investigative reporting, the Wire has already experienced tremendous growth. In my first month on the job, we quintupled traffic to the website; in my second month, we smashed that record. But we won’t be satisfied until the Wire is the largest, most influential multimedia news outlet in the State.

To accomplish this, we need to grow. I want to field a team of curious, motivated, and aggressive journalists to stand on the frontlines of our political culture war, serving as the eyes, ears, and voice of freedom-minded Mainers for years to come.

But if we’re going to grow our operation, we need your support.

Now, here’s the part where I ask for money:

Today is Giving Tuesday, which is kind of like Black Friday except you don’t have to punch some stranger to get a discounted TV. So on this occasion I’m asking you to support the Wire in our work.

As a bonus, a generous Maine donor has agreed to match any contributions made to the Wire today up to $25,000. That means your gift will pack twice the punch.

Will you support our work with a gift of $50 or more?

Either way, I hope you will continue to enjoy our work. Thank you for reading!

Very respectfully,

Steve Robinson


The Maine Wire


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