Biden’s Thanksgiving Rental Cars Mysteriously Exploded Last Night


The fleet of five rental cars President Joe Biden and his entourage used during their Thanksgiving vacation to Nantucket mysteriously exploded Tuesday night in a Hertz parking lot at the Nantucket Airport.

No one was injured in the bizarre explosions, but the incident set the Internet wondering whether the immolations were accidents or something more suspicious.

All of the vehicles were different makes and models, including a Chevy, a Ford, and a Jeep. They were parked at the small Nantucket airport.

“At approximately 5:22 am Airport shift staff observed an active fire in the rental car overflow area through the Airport’s Closed Circuit Television System,” the airport said in a statement provided to the Nantucket Current.

“Staff activated the Alert system and responded to the fire in Airport-3, where they were met by responding units from Nantucket Fire Department and Nantucket Police Department.”

Nantucket fire investigators haven’t said what caused the explosions, but quickly assured people there was nothing suspicious going on.

The most popular theory on the Internet is that the explosions were set intentionally for operational security issues.

According to this theory, someone in Biden’s detail connected their phone to one of the vehicles via cable or bluetooth, which would expose data on the phone to storage on the vehicles’ computer systems. The explosions were ordered, the theory goes, to prevent someone from recovering information that may have inadvertently wound up stored in one of the vehicles computers.

It wouldn’t be the first time the Biden family has suffered from poor operational security regarding digital data.


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