Stewart, Keim Emerge As Maine Senate Minority Leaders


Senators-elect Trey Stewart (R-Aroostook) and Lisa Keim (R-Oxford) have been elected to leadership positions in the 13-member Republican Senate caucus.

Both are wildly popular within their districts and won the leadership spots unopposed. Keim won re-election Tuesday with 62 percent of the vote in her district, while Stewart won with 70 percent. Keim has been in the Maine Senate since 2016 and this is Stewart’s second term.

Outgoing Senate Minority Leaders Sen. Jeff Timberlake (R-Androscoggin) and Sen. Matt Pouliot (R-Kennebec) both supported the new leaders.

The pair will have their work cut out for them as they lead a small caucus that failed to grow on Tuesday, despite widespread expectations that Republicans would gain ground in state and national contests across the country.


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