Trump Drops Plan to Stop “Left-Wing Gender Insanity” [VIDEO]


Former Republican President Donald Trump, currently the top announced candidate for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, released a video this week declaring a series of policies he would implement if he re-enters office to limit the impact of far-left gender theories on public policy and the American medical system.

The far-ranging proposals include a limit on taxpayer funding for sex-change surgeries and cross sex hormones, state-based laws to prevent sex-change surgeries from happening on minors, punishments for healthcare providers who perform such procedures on children, and providing victims of botched sex-change procedures the right to sue medical providers and pharmaceutical companies.

The video represents a change of sorts for Trump when it comes to hot-button social issues. During his 2016 campaign, Trump was far less conservative on these issues than other candidates in the race, and during his presidency his administration did not advance most of these policies.

The change in messaging suggests that Trump senses a shift in American public thinking on the issue of gender identity and controversial medical practices like sex-changes for children.



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