Maine CDC Quietly Stops Sharing COVID-19 Vaccine Breakthrough Data


The Maine CDC has quietly discontinued the public presentation of breakthrough data — that is, information which shows how often vaccinated Mainers are nonetheless contracting COVID-19, becoming hospitalized, and/or dying.

Maine CDC defines breakthrough cases as follows: “COVID-19 cases among individuals who have been fully vaccinated are referred to as vaccine breakthrough cases. Hospitalizations and deaths among these cases are referred to as vaccine breakthrough hospitalizations and deaths. “

On February 14, the Maine CDC stopped updating the breakthrough data and appended a brief disclaimer to the data portal.

“Maine CDC no longer shows the table of cumulative breakthrough data as of February 14, 2023. By now, 83.4% of the state’s total population has finished their primary series of vaccine. So, “breakthrough” cases of COVID are no longer a helpful way to know the burden of disease,” the Maine CDC said.


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