Author: Deke Sawyer

The Rev. Darien K. "Deke" Sawyer was born in Farmington, ME and worked in building construction, road maintenance and paper mills most of his life, including 28 years of service at the Newark Group Paper Company, until 2003 when he moved with his family to Jackman, ME to pursue his calling into the ministry.

For years, my son has leased land from Christian Camps in Jackman to tap trees for maple syrup, so I’m very familiar with this property. That’s why I was shocked to see former Maine Supreme Court Justice Dan Wathen on the news recently saying that a lease held by the camp on State land for a short stretch of buried phone line would be impacted by Question 1. Wathen is counsel for Pierce Atwood, the firm that represents CMP, so it is his job to muddle the issue, but I’d like to make one thing crystal clear. We resent the fact that…

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