Crash Barry on Angus King's Senate Run


Crash Barry has a piece worth reading on his blog, titled ‘Angus King for Senate? No thanks!‘:

Just piecing together the easy-to-find numbers, it appears Angus currently has plenty of part-time gigs. His directorship at a troubled Maine bank is a good example. He’s been a member of the board of directors of The Bank of Maine since 2010. Formerly The Savings Bank of Maine, this struggling financial institution has about 80 million in troubled assets and the bank apparently lost a couple million bucks last year alone. (Read more dirty numbers here.) In 2010, after serving on the bank board for seven months, Angus took home $21,500 in cash plus stock options worth $18,000. His compensation for 2011 hasn’t been released yet, but it’ll probably close to $50,000. According to the bank, directors are paid $30,000 per year, plus a grand for every in-person meeting, $750 for participating in a conference call, plus $2,500 for each committee seat. (Angus, apparently, sits on three committees.)

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