Senate candidates file fundraising reports


With less than two months to go until the June 12th primary election for Senate candidates, the fundraising efforts of candidates are in full swing.

The most recent quarterly income disclosures filed with the Federal Ethics Commission show that Republican Scott D’Amboise has raised the most money to date, although his cash on hand comes in second to Independent candidate Angus King, who has loaned his campaign $38,000 in cash.

Treasurer Bruce Poliquin and Sen. Deb Plowman did not file, because they had not raised or spent the minimum amount by April 1.

Here are the totals for each candidate:

  • Rick Bennett (R) – raised ($107,659) cash on hand ($104,605)
  • Scott D’Amboise (R) – raised ($609,830) cash on hand ($122,738)
  • Cynthia Dill (D) – raised ($24,908) cash on hand ($18,032)
  • Matt Dunlap (D) – raised ($56,075) cash on hand ($38.907)
  • Jon Hinck (D) – raised ($85,143) cash on hand ($4,391)
  • Angus King (I) – raised ($173,561) cash on hand ($142,321)
  • Justin Pollard (D) – raised ($9,000) cash on hand ($1,467)
  • William Schneider (R) – raised ($40,095) cash on hand ($36,484)
  • Charlie Summers (R) – raised ($21,280) cash on hand ($21,280)



  1. They should point out that Scott started long before Snowe quit and there was no one in the race. With the field out there now he will probably see a slow down in donations.


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