Sun Journal publishes banned GOP editorial


Kudos to the Lewiston Sun Journal for reaching out to GOP Majority Leader Phil Curtis after we published the news that his column was banned from the pages of MaineToday Media. Curtis’ column is critical of MTM owner Donald Sussman and his wife, Congresswoman Chellie Pingree, and the inevitable editorial slant the newspaper chain would take. So, of course, MTM wouldn’t publish the piece.

The Sun Journal didn’t have the same editorial problem, and published the column this weekend.

Sussman’s papers just snatched the Sun Journal’s lead political reporter, Steve Mistler, so perhaps the feeling of collegiality between the papers is fading.

MTM’s competitor papers have so far avoided criticizing the obvious ethical problems with Sussman and Pingree’s ownership of the papers, but the SJ’s move on the Curtis column may signal an end to the honeymoon.

Read the column here >>


  1. Good for the Sun Journal.  Unlike the BDN and the MTM papers, which haven’t printed the Curtis piece, nor anything regarding the Cheney Execution tweet scandal from Rep. Kruger.

    It’s good to see the SJ acting like a real newspaper, instead of the others, which are behaving like graduates of the “$ussman School of Journalism.”

  2. The Sun Journal deserves credit from running this editorial. The SJ has the opportunity to present the conservative view on issues confronting the citizens of the Lewiston/Auburn area and the state. Let’s hope they sieze the opportunity.

  3. I love to hear all these right wingers dam Sussman ;but I didn’t see any repukes step foward to invest in the largest paper media in the state> O r to save the jobs of those work for the papers!
      I’ll bet the welfare housing they own pay a better return! YOU WHO CRITIZE  OUGHT TO READ THE NORWAY PAPER (IT WAS RUNNER UP FOR THE PULITZER AWARD THIS YEAR)

  4. oh really Naran and what can one expect from your twisted insight – Really fair and bias is not in your relm of tale telling!

  5.  So editorials are not ‘opinion pieces,’ Gerald?  Let’s see; they aren’t news, they aren’t opinion; so what are they?

  6. Everything in the MTM is an “opinion” piece..  especially the stuff above the fold on the front page!..  Who are you kidding? Talk about “journalists”… 

  7. Frankly, Tippie, we were having fun watching MTM going down in flames, and had no desire to save it and its related jobs…  Now our solice is to watch Sussman continue to sink millions into the cess pool to try to make it float..  never has, never will under it current bias..  it will just be a very expensive hobby for him, one of the 1% you pukes always rail against..  what a joke!


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