MHPC gets death threats over Kruger/Cheney story


The Maine Heritage Policy Center Friday received a series of threats by phone, as a result of our reporting on Rep. Chuck Kruger’s Twitter statements supporting the execution of former Vice President Dick Cheney.

The threats were made in three separate phone calls, and may be from the same caller, attempting to change his voice each time.

The caller acknowledges our report on Kruger, and concurs with the sentiment from Kruger’s twitter comments.

“A lot of people think Cheney is a war criminal and he should be executed, because he is a war criminal.”

The caller, after digressing into an angry series of profanities, becomes more aggressive.

“We are happy, happy, happy to go to it with you, just be aware, you started it, and we’ll be happy to finish it.”

“You might as well plaster a [expletive] target on everybody.”

In the subsequent calls, the threats are more explicit. The caller asks MHPC to consider if “I took all of your listeners out in public. See how you like it. See how you like being hunted down.

“There’s just as many nutjobs on the Left as there are on the Right, did you know that? You know the percentage of gun ownership in Maine is pretty [expletive] high.”

“I’m coming for you, I’m coming..”

The calls came after The Maine Wire’s story received national attention last week. Kruger has since apologized for his comments, and has reported that he has received threatening phone calls as well.

MHPC is working with law enforcement to determine the source of the threats.

Below is the raw audio from the calls. WARNING: The language in these calls is extremely profane.

About Steve Robinson

Steve Robinson is the former editor of The Maine Wire and currently the executive producer of the Kirk Minihane Show. Follow him on Twitter @BigSteve207.