Dem Rep Allegedly Stalks other Dem Rep, Restraining Order Sought


Democrat State Rep Alexander Cornell du Houx is being accused of stalking and harassing his ex-girlfriend, Belfast Rep. Erin Herbig.

Tom Groening at the Bangor Daily News has a bizarre story about a relationship-gone-wrong between two Democrat state representatives. Belfast Rep. Erin Herbig is seeking a restraining order against Brunswick Rep. Alex Cornell du Houx, the son of Democrat activist and publisher of Maine Insights Ramona du Houx. Du Houx is an Iraq veteran turned anti-war activist, and has worked closely with the George Soros-funded Vote Vets organization.

According to court documents, Herbig alleges Du Houx “had taken over 100 photographs and videos of me without my knowledge, including when I was sleeping… Many of the photographs and videos are highly disturbing and frightening.”

According to the article, Herbig alleges Du Houx threatened “to use his military training tactics” to get her to drop her complaints about him. The harassment allegedly occurred at the state house as well.

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