Dem Rep Allegedly Stalks other Dem Rep, Restraining Order Sought

Democrat State Rep Alexander Cornell du Houx is being accused of stalking and harassing his ex-girlfriend, Belfast Rep. Erin Herbig.

Tom Groening at the Bangor Daily News has a bizarre story about a relationship-gone-wrong between two Democrat state representatives. Belfast Rep. Erin Herbig is seeking a restraining order against Brunswick Rep. Alex Cornell du Houx, the son of Democrat activist and publisher of Maine Insights Ramona du Houx. Du Houx is an Iraq veteran turned anti-war activist, and has worked closely with the George Soros-funded Vote Vets organization.

According to court documents, Herbig alleges Du Houx “had taken over 100 photographs and videos of me without my knowledge, including when I was sleeping… Many of the photographs and videos are highly disturbing and frightening.”

According to the article, Herbig alleges Du Houx threatened “to use his military training tactics” to get her to drop her complaints about him. The harassment allegedly occurred at the state house as well.

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  1. The frustrating part about this situation is the waste of public tax dollars, for the Clean Elections funding used by both legislators, as well as the public funding for their salaries and benefits.

    We do not expect adults to take public funding to Augusta, and then act like junior high students. We have the right to expect better.

  2. To look at both sides if the story, where’s Herbig’s evidence to support her allegation? If this guy has done as she alleges then he should be prosecuted and stripped of his seat. But she should be required to show proof of the charge. I don’t like this guy off the bat because he’s broken faith with his fellow soldiers by defecting to the peacenic crowd. This is disturbing. But I doubt much will be done about this. Afterall, I witnessed one of the chief moonbats Diane Russell physically assault a supporter of Gov. LePage last year, in the State House, and nothing waa done about it. Ridiculous!

  3. Hi!

    Where is the evidence? It is evidence that will prove her case.

    No evidence = no case.

    Lise from Maine

  4. who posted this on the BOWDOIN ORIENT site just now?


    Just wanted to state that the articles in the newspapers are incredibly one-sided and do not provide adequate  or accurate information regarding the whole situation.  There is no doubt that Erin Herbig has serious psychological issues that are far from presented in this article.  She is incredibly manipulative, often binge drinks, snorts pills before going curling, and has actually been quite abusive towards Alex Cornell du Houx.  

    Just consider his perspective for a moment.   

    The single most important thing to him is his career including representing his district and defending the citizens of the united states.  He has spent countless hours doing this.  He would not, would never, do anything to damage his career or damage any other human being- no matter how abusive she was to him.  He loved her too much and gave her far to0 much, including a 20 thousand dollar engagement ring and everything and anything she would ask for. 

     It would be nice if the articles would represent his view also.  

    RAMONA? or ? … ‘snorting pills’ a curling thing?

  5.  Cornell du Houx, 29, is a U.S. Marine who has a concealed weapon permit   …. a democrat with a concealed weapon permit? I’m shocked.

  6. May 5 “OUR VIEW” Editorial MTM/Pingree Press (summary)

    “In the interest of the people of Maine, including those in his district,
    Cornell du Houx should take a leave from his legislative duties.”

    You have been officially thrown under, Alex.

  7. Herbig noted in court documents that Cornell du Houx, 29, is a U.S. Marine who has a concealed weapon permit    …. What’s a democrat doing with a concealed weapon permit??? He must be a closeted right-winger, what with the guns, stalking, menacing, etc. (tongue firmly in cheek)

  8. Wow seems as though all the Libs defending  Alex are all lawyers!! If this were a conservative they would have already rhetoriclay linched him!!
       However folks for a woman to make this claim tha she has, she had better have some evidence!!  My gut tells me that she does!! SOOOO lets see it as long as it is not to compomising to her of course.
       WE dont need to see the pics to know that they exist???  Is that correct Alex??
       If she staged this then let her carreer be done . If he did this then let his carrer be done.  If he threatend her with the use of  “Military tactics” then I think the Department of the Navy should look in to this Big Time.    

  9. This was two days ago, guys. The GOP Convention is happening now; you might want to hustle over there and see what’s going on.

  10.  I’d recommend that both their careers in elected office be “done,” at least for now. The last thing Maine needs is people in the State House fooling around instead of concentrating on the state’s business.


    I suspect he’s already received the same message from the Dem House leadership.

  12.  Oh, c’mon now Naran. Don’t you think Erin’s finger is long enough to support an engagement ring, a wedding band, and another ($20k) engagement ring? You must have a hang-up with adultery! You need to get right with the twenty-first century.

  13. Let’s not get ahead of this thing. Until Obama says that Alex or Erin ” acted stupidly” we must assume that this whole story printed so far is nothing more than another  ” vast right wing conspiracy” started by some cruel conserative at the KJ or Morning Sentinel. Just watch your local papers for the truth to come out real soon. Shelly and Donald are on the case.

  14. Obviously with all reader comments being censored by the MTM/Pingree Press, S(C)helly and Selwyn are on top of it. I don’t quite get why they want Alex to take a vacation. Seems like a real slap in the face to his advocate, Angus.

  15. This piece says that du Houx is an Iraq veteran turned anti-war activist.

    If it’s true that he has become an anti-war activist, why has he joined the Navy, and why is he going on active duty?


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