Angus King: "Federal spending isn't out of control"


WASHINGTON, DC – Maine’s Sen. Angus King, an un-enrolled Democrat, took to the Senate floor Thursday for his inaugural speech and used the time in the spotlight to offer his colleagues a history lesson on the origins and history of the United States government.

Roughly 15 minutes into his speech, King referred to the so-called Ryan Budget passed in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives as a “political document.”

“I don’t believe that the Ryan budget is really about debts and deficits,” said King. “It’s about shrinking government.”

King then offered what for many will be a surprising statement: “Federal spending isn’t out of control.”

Explained King, “Non-defense discretionary spending today is the lowest it’s been in 50 years.”

Watch the video here:


  1. King is as arrogant as he is power hungry! He was the direct cause of most of the financial ills that Maine suffers. But, the media loves a good lie and they refused to report the many short comings of King as he ran for senator. Until the sheeole that follow politics through the media wake up this state and country are headed to an awful conclusion and King will ride it to the end making millions more at the expense of his ‘subjects’. What a ‘nice guy’ Carpetbagger King is.

  2. “Discretionary, Non Defense” spending? Let’s be sure we obscure the problem rather than deal with it! So called “non discretionary” spending is the problem that you are obliged to acknowledge and deal with, NOW! There is no ‘code’, the objective has been clearly stated: Reduce the size of Government at all levels. Spending IS out of control. Even conservatives quickly seem to catch the disease, I heard a local Selectman say “There’s just nothing left to cut” referring to his town’s budget. Of course there is, there are ‘services’, programs, salaries that can be terminated. There are tax funded budget items that should be funded with fees from those who demand the service. We do not have to do everything we’ve been doing and we don’t have to keep expanding the functions and cost of government.


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