Angus King: "Pretty disappointing" Obama's gun control bill died


WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Sen. Angus S. King, Jr., an un-enrolled Democrat, said Friday in his weekly YouTube address that it was “pretty disappointing” to see President Barack Obama’s much-ballyhooed gun control legislation die.

“There really wasn’t any good reason to go against it,” said King. “It was pretty much a straight party line vote, not entirely, but largely.”

“It’ important to know that the bill got a majority of the Senate. It got 55 votes. And normally – in a normal universe – that would be enough votes to pass it,” said King. “But of course, down here, we have this filibuster creature.”

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King said he is party to negotiations regarding a retooled gun control measure designed to garner greater Republican support.

“I’m hoping there is still progress to be made on the gun control front,” he said.

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  1. Hey Angus, the american people don’t want more gun control. We have other more pressing matters to contend with. Also in light of recent events I would say it is best to leave the guns in the hands of good law abiding citizens. We all know criminals are not going to obey the laws anyways. All your so called comprehensive sensable gun control will accomplish is to disarm law abiding citizens.

  2. Wrong again Angus ol’ boy. “Jt was pretty much a straight party line vote” – I don’t think so. If that were true, with the huge Democratic majority, it would have passed with flying colors. The idiot Democratic legislatures were stupid enough to sacrifice their personal careers for Obama once (Obamacare). They were not about to do go against the will of the people and do it twice.

  3. The letter I received from him in reply to my protest of these ‘new’ gun laws was; As a constitutional lawyer I understand what the Bill of Rights means and so many don’t understand the real meaning. That’s a paraphrase but, that was the drift of it. I’ve shown it it everyone I know and they are as disgusted as I am. He is and always has been a drone from away!

  4. Straight party line? He ran as an independent. This should show people that being registered as an independent or running as an independent is just an undercover party member. We should all register NO PARTY in our town offices and abolish the bipartisan system in the State of Maine. Collins voted for the gun control bill too.

  5. If nothing else, this shows us the contempt that our two senators have for our Constitutional rights. We must do everything in our power to remove these two as soon as possible. If the Republican party does not change its colors, it will die. Rand and Cruz are showing us the way to renew the values the country was founded on. King has always been a Democrat, no matter how often he reminds us he is an Independent,.


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