LePage blasts Michaud-backed ObamaCare


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AUGUSTA – Republican Gov. Paul R. LePage on Wednesday said President Barack Obama’s decision to delay the Affordable Care Act’s employer mandate validates criticisms that the controversial health care overhaul, also known as ObamaCare, will be devastating for businesses.

“I have said all along that ObamaCare will drive up costs and bury both businesses and families in more government regulation,” LePage said in a statement.

“It is good to see Washington finally recognize more major problems with this law,” he said. “It is time Congress and the President repeal ObamaCare and give each state the flexibility we need.”

“It is the first step in saving our country.”

LePage’s likely Democratic challenger, U.S. Rep. Mike Michaud, voted for ObamaCare — a risky vote in exchange for which he reportedly received political favors from the Obama Administration.

While the delay of the employer mandate will perhaps give cover to Democrats through the coming midterm elections, Michaud will undoubtedly be forced to explain his support for a controversial proposal that is proving to be quite the train wreck.

S.E. Robinson
Maine Wire Reporter


  1. Hi!

    Obamacare will also create “rationing” for the elderly which means that the cemeteries will fill up – population control by the UN and the insiders who control the UN.

    There will NEVER be a “direct” admission to this but it will be accomplished by back door tactics over time.

    In case anyone hasn’t got this figured out, we are under the control of the UN and not by the control of the people here in Maine – a free and independent state as our constitution continues to state.

    I experienced this first hand in my clinical practice what rationing did to my patients so I eventually left the profession.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine.

  2. Michaud’s only explanation for voting for Obamacare is bexause Nancy Pelosi told him to. Michaud has done nothing in Congress but be a good little Pelosi lapdog.

  3. ObamaCare is Michaud’s Achille’s heel. He supported this disaster or as Max Baucus called it, “a rolling train wreck” and will be held accountable, as will all the Dems. Obama has decided to delay implementation of the worst of the law until after the 2014 election to protect the law’s supporters. I don’t think it will work.

  4. Interesting they use a veterans signing bill and say Obama care. I guess yall missed that! Oh that’s right, right wing nut jobs just see what they want to see which is often BS.

  5. How anyone thought the Federal Government running health care would produce good results baffles me. How ‘anyone thought managing health care at the state level would produce good results is equally imponderable. Some people thought insurance premiums were too high and care management by insurance companies unacceptable. Now premiums are set to triple and rationing will be applied by an administration that openly targets its opposition using the IRS, EPA, DOJ, DOL, DHS and DHHS. Surely it will all work out well!


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