Maine GOP calls on Michaud to condemn Democrats' anti-military stance


AUGUSTA – The Maine Republican Party is calling on Democratic gubernatorial candidate Michael Michaud to denounce Democratic lawmakers for their anti-U.S. military vote Tuesday night.

“Mike Michaud must either stand up and rebuke this offensive anti-U.S. military action by Maine Democrat legislators, or explain why he thinks it is okay to take a hard line against our honorable servicemen and servicewomen,” said Executive Director of the Maine Republican Party Jason Savage.

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“If Mike Michaud wants to be Governor, he no longer has the luxury of just casting obscure votes from the back bench of the minority party in the U.S. House,” he said, a veiled reference to Michaud’s regular inclusion in Roll Call’s “Obscure Caucus”.

Said Savage, “Silence is consent in this instance, and if he supports this vote against our military by his fellow partisan liberals in Augusta, he needs to at least have the courage to say so. We are calling on him to rebuke this offensive vote by his Democrat allies, or come clean with the people of Maine and admit that he supports it.”

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“If he wants to be Governor, he needs to recognize that he can no longer hide from the important positions an executive must take.”

Michaud, who has made veterans’ issues an area of special importance during his time in Congress, has yet to condemn Democrats for voting against L.D. 1503, a bill that would have ensured U.S. military recruiters have unfettered access to Maine’s high schools.


  1. Michaud won’t condemn this disgusting action by Augusta Dembiciles for two reasons. First, his alleged support of veterans is just a lot of rhetoric. Second, he doesn’t do anything unless Nancy Pelosi tells him to.

  2. After Charlie Bennett protested the flag-trampling “art” display at UMF I went with him to a meeting down in Cumberland County where Michaud made a presentation. Mike made a point of shaking Charlie’s hand. He was never heard from on the issue by a wider audience. The man is a master of obnubilation.

  3. Pure, unadulterated Bull-Puckey! LePage goes to Canada instead of Vietnam – and now he claims to be the Savior of the Recruiters…

    Guilty conscience, Much?


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