State Senate Candidate: Low taxes, small government harm society


BATH – A Democratic candidate running in a special election to replace Senate Majority Leader Seth Goodall (D-Sagadahoc) in Senate District 19 told the Bangor Daily News on Monday that he believes low taxes and small government are harmful to society.

According to BDN, Will Neilson of Arrowsic, a former Republican who announced his Democratic candidacy on Monday, said, “I’ve become convinced that the ideas of low taxes and small government are actually harmful to society as a whole.”

Bath City Councilor David Sinclair and workforce development specialist Eloise Vitelli have also announced that they will run as Democrats in the forthcoming special election.

The only Republican who has announced is Paula Benoit, a small business owner and former state senator.


  1. This guy is a Socialist from New York City, so this statement shouldn’t be a surprise. What is surprising is that he ever called himself a Republican.

  2. Some of us on the brink of the grave have memories going back to the years when the New Frontier and Great Society were new. In those times the liberals had boundless confidence in all kinds of new programs. Someone even proposed a Department of Leisure to guide the Little People in their days when they were not earning money to pay taxes. That old confidence has seeped away and now they are reduced more and more to arguing that Big Government is a good thing and we need more of it.

  3. The myopic stampede by the “Nouveau Republicans” to continue demands for smaller government and less revenue (taxes) has led to another crisis in Maine and (unchecked) it will destroy the Party.

    Crumbling infrastructure, poorly financed education, shifting costs to municipalities and denying essential health services to those most in need are unsustainable means to an unworthy goal.

    Moderation and careful examination of policies and programs was always the hallmark of my father’s Republican Party. That’s not socialism. Today’s Republican Platform is a prescription written by reactionary self-interest, not responsible leadership.

  4. “Congress lacks the idea that it has responsibility for making sense of how laws actually work.” —Philip K. Howard. This applies equally to Maine’s legislature. Howard’s most recent books have been praised by such stalwart liberals as Michael Bloomberg, Derek Bok and Bill Bradley. He is not a “nouveau Republican” or any kind of Republican. So much for “careful consideration of programs and policies.”

  5. Certainly you are entitled to your view…But take a minute and think where your taxes are going (being spent). If there was smaller government MORE taxes monies would be available for road and infrastructure repair. But, it is now spent on more bureaucrats. No where is anyone saying we are eliminating taxes….or even cutting them 50%…The concept could simply be a 2% decrease….In many ways that is enough to really jump start the local economies and put more FAMILIES…. No where were essential health benefits being denied….Would not it be great if our older citizens did NOT have to shell out the money for there high taxes that are supporting that larger government you accept and instead had that money to buy the prescription drugs….. Look at the medi cade donut hole…It shows that our older senior are faced with paying their property taxes or cutting out some of their prescriptions and care..


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