Pingree: Republican House members holding Americans "hostage"

U.S. Chellie Pingree

Not to be outdone by Sen. Angus King, who has likened conservatives to murderers, Rep. Chellie Pingree on Monday said her Republican colleagues are holding Americans hostage.

“Republican House members still holding our economy and lives of Americans hostage to their obsession with undermining health care programs,” Pingree said in a Facebook post.

“I’ve set up a page on my website to provide information on how agencies and programs would be impacted if a government shutdown goes into effect tonight,” she added.

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Pingree’s followers on Facebook were not comforted by her efforts to blame Republicans for problems in D.C. or her attempt to help them deal with the government shutdown.


“I would rather shut down the government than raise the debt ceiling again,” said Jason Harris of West Newfield.

“The American people don’t want the individual mandate. Also, why are you exempt from Obamacare?,” said Adam Towers of West Durham.

“If all you can do is set up a web page….get a new job. I want someone that can represent me and my family,” wrote another unhappy follower.

Paul Dube of Saint Albans had a more poignant criticism directed at one of many Obamacare taxes House Republicans wanted to repeal: “Thank you Ms. Pingree. Can you now please create a map that shows the medical device manufacturers in Maine? Please include their location, products they produce, how much they contribute to the local economy, how much the device tax will cost them, and what the net impact will be to each community they are located in. Much appreciated.”

Here is the list of things Pingree wants you to know about a government shutdown:

“Social Security—Benefits for this crucial program do not go through the appropriations process, so they will continue being deposited in your account or mailed to your home. However, Social Security offices will be open with limited staff. They will continue to take applications for benefits and appeals, and process change of address and change of banking deposit information. Other services, such as requests for yearly statements, won’t be processed. Social Security hearings already scheduled will take place, but new hearings will not be scheduled.

“Medicare—Benefits for this program are also exempt from the shutdown, so current participants should not notice any disruption, but new applications could be delayed.

“Veterans—VHA hospitals such as VA Togus and Community Based Outpatient Clinics will stay open, VBA disability compensation will be paid, and the VA call center (1-800-827-1000) will be operational.  However, VBA regional office public contact services will not be available, decisions on claim appeals will not be made, and the Education Call Center will be suspended.  More details on what VA services would be affected are available here.

“Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program—SNAP will continue operations and eligible households will still receive monthly benefits for October

“Women Infants and Children—WIC offices will remain open and benefits will be distributed regularly in October.

“IRS—Walk-in IRS offices and the Taxpayer Advocate offices will be closed.

“Visas and Passports—Passport operations and visa issuance overseas will continue (these services are funded by fees, not Congressional appropriations).  Embassies and consulates overseas will continue to provide American citizen services.  Some passport offices (such as Boston) are located in federal buildings that may be forced to shut down during a lapse in appropriations, due to a lack of building support services.  However, the National Passport Center in Portsmouth should remain open.

“US Citizenship & Immigration Services—Local offices will be open, and immigration petitions will continue to be processed (these services are funded by fees).

“Federal Courts—The federal Judiciary will remain open for business for approximately 10 business days. On or around October 15, 2013, the Judiciary will reassess its situation and provide further guidance. All proceedings and deadlines remain in effect as scheduled, unless otherwise advised. Case Management/Electronic Case Files will remain in operation for the electronic filing of documents with courts.

“National Parks, Reserves—National Park Service sites, museums, and monuments, as well as federal wildflife (sic) reserves, will be closed.

“Small Business Administration—Most services, with the exception of the disaster loan program, will be suspended.

“Health Insurance Exchanges—Launched on October 1, the exchanges will remain open.  For more information, go to” (Emphasis added)
S.E. Robinson
Maine Wire Reporter


  1. What can one say about Pingree? Except to suggest she look in the mirror if she wants to see who is really at fault for forcing something upon us that we clearly do not want. But liberals like Pingree, in their massive arrogance, truly believe they know better than us ‘ little people.’


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