Video: Maine People's Alliance pushes welfare expansion



  1. That’s no surprise. The MPA is a socialist organization, that I contend, leans Marxist in it’s agenda. Of course they eant to enslave more Mainers to welfare as the more citizens ate dependant upon government the easier they are to control.

    Naturally they put forth no plan on how this will be paid for while they ignore the 7500 Mainers on waiting lists who have a verified critical need for care and services. So much for their ‘ caring and compassion’.

  2. Proponents for Medicaid expansion in Maine say we need to change the conversation. I agree totally. This issue in not really about helping Maine people who can’t afford healthcare (Obamacare is supposed to take care of that by subsidizing low income Mainers to buy insurance), it’s about creating dependency. Right now we have a situation where 40% of all income goes unreported. People cheat. By extending Medicaid eligibility criteria for able-bodied individuals without dependents – which is what this expansion entails – we will only encouraging more cheating and dependency. Furthermore, there is no guarantee Maine people will not be caught having to pay for all this expansion of Medicaid. We’ve already had a lot of false promises by this US Administration, i.e., “if you like your insurance plan you get to keep it”, “if you like your doctor, you want have to change your doctor”, ACA (Obamacare) is supposed to reduce the average premium by $2500. The opposite is happening. So don’t be misled by all the rhetoric that attempts to minimize or even deny the true cost of Medicaid expansion.

  3. As written previously, nothing about the Medicaid expansion would be “free.” The Maine Dems do Maine citizens a total disservice by misrepresenting the facts.

    The expansion would cost some $70 million the first year, and over $100 million in subsequent years.

    There is no “free lunch” from DC.


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