Daily Catch 11/26/14: Ferguson Protests Continue, Democrats Claim Voter Fraud, and SNOW SNOW SNOW


Unrest Continues

Protests continued in Ferguson, Missouri last night over the results of a grand jury investigation into police officer Darren Wilson’s killing of Michael Brown.  The National Guard has increased its presence in the city as many protesters remain destructive.  An interview with Wilson aired last night.

Democrats Claiming Voter Fraud?

Mystery ballots are causing quite a stir in the Maine’s District 25 race.  The Maine Democratic Party is claiming that a discrepancy between the number of ballots counted on election night and the number of ballot counted during the subsequent recount point to voter fraud.  Proving voter fraud or ballot stuffing is unlikely now that the 21 “new” ballots, which Democrats claim were added on top of the original ballots in a locked box, have been mixed together.  A special committee of the Maine Senate will look into the election to decide who won.

An Excuse Not to Visit the In-laws?

Heavy snow is due to hit Maine the day before Thanksgiving, affecting many Mainers travel.  The snow will primarily hit southern Maine.  So if you were looking for an excuse to avoid a frustrating family gathering, you may just be in luck.

Black Friday Doesn’t Need to Come Early

It would appear that opening retail stores on Thanksgiving does little to increase sales around the holiday.  Even so, some business owners are still frustrated by Maine’s outdated Blue Laws.


Have a happy Thanksgiving from all of us at the Maine Wire!


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