Daily Catch 12/1/14: Scallops, Democrats, and Ferguson


Scallop Season is Open

Maine’s scallop fishing season begins today.  While the scallop stock has been recovering for years, officials with the Department of Marine Resources will continue efforts to conserve the fishery.  And for the first time in years, the New England Fishery Management Council will allow fishermen licensed to work in federal waters to also fish in state waters.  The good news comes after several tough breaks for Maine fishermen, including the cancellation of the shrimp season for a second year as well as drastic reductions in cod catch limits, as regulators attempt to rebuild stocks in the Gulf of Maine.

Wilson Resigns Amid Protests

Darren Wilson resigned from the Ferguson, MO. police department on Saturday even though he was not indicted by a grand jury.  In his resignation letter, Wilson stated that his “continued employment may put the residents and police officers of the City of Ferguson at risk, which is a circumstance I cannot allow.”  Wilson will not receive a severance package.

More of the Same

Despite Governor LePage’s record breaking win in November, which many would argue carries a mandate for tax and welfare reform, state Democrats seem uninclined to make any real changes in how they govern.  Expect to see many of the same faces as the legislature is sworn in this week.  The Democrat’s caucus has once again nominated Rep. Mark Eves of North Berwick as House Speaker, and state Democrats are likely to reelect incumbents for Maine’s attorney general, secretary of state and treasurer.  Despite talk of a fresh start from Democrats, expect more of the same.

Governor Facilitates Food Donations

Mainers donated 2,100 pounds of food in the 4th annual Blaine House food drive.  Governor LePage hosted the event in October, but announced the numbers, which exceeded last years’, in his weekly radio address.  The food was donated to the Good Shepherd Food Bank.





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