The Daily Catch 12/31/14: Fairpoint Strikers, Sony Hack, and Guantanamo Prisoners


Fairpoint Wins Major Ruling

In a tough ruling against the Fairpoint strikers, the National Labor Relations Board has ruled that Fairpoint Communications did not bargain in bad faith and therefore broke no law when they walked away from the negotiating table.  Ultimately, this means that the company can start permanently replacing workers who are on strike.  The union plans to appeal the ruling, putting hiring on hold for the moment.  The strikes have been going on for over two months now.

Who Was Really Behind the Sony Attack?

Even though many cybersecurity experts are raising doubts that the North Korean government was behind the Sony hack, the FBI is standing by their theory.  Most recently, the cybersecurity giant Norse briefed the FBI on why they believe evidence pointed to an ex-employee of Sony as the main culprit behind the attack, and not North Korea.  Does the FBI know something that we don’t, or are they just embarrassed they got it wrong?

Heating Oil Prices Drop

For those of you who love low heating oil prices, good news!  According to a government survey, heating oil prices in Maine are continuing to decline.  Currently, the average price for a gallon of heating oil was $2.75.

US Releases 5 from Guantanamo

Five prisoners have been released from Guantanamo Bay.  The prisoners were not sent to their homelands, but were instead relocated to Kazakhstan.  None of the men had been charged for any crime, although they were suspected of having ties with Al Qaeda.  There are still 127 prisoners left at Guantanamo.

Is This Where the Ebola Outbreak Began?

Check out this theory on how the recent Ebola outbreak began.  Did human contract the disease from small bats?


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