The Daily Catch 12/30/14: Education Commissioners, Vaccines, and Tax Evaders


Governor Appoints Education Commissioner

Due to health concerns, Governor LePage has replaced Education Commissioner James Rier with historian Tom Desjardin.  Desjardin had served as a senior policy adviser on education to the governor until he was sworn in to replace Rier on December 23.  Desjardin’s appointment is only a temporary measure, as the Senate will have to vote on his confirmation.  In a shocking move, the Maine Education Association is questioning the governor’s choice.

Maine Legislator Hopes to Stop Vaccine Opt-outs

In what is sure to be an uncontroversial bill, Rep. Richard Farnsworth, D-Portland, plans to introduce legislation that would make it more onerous for parents to opt-out of vaccines for their children.  Currently, parents need only sign a piece of paper to exempt their children from vaccines.  Farnsworth’s bill would go far beyond that, requiring medical consultation and a medical professional’s signature.  The bill should pass quietly, as most parent’s don’t object to the state stepping in between them and their children.

Remains of Missing Flight Found

According to authorities, debris and bodies from the AirAsia flight that went missing Sunday have been found.  Officials are still unsure as to what went wrong with the aircraft.

The First to Fall

Representative Michael Grimm, a Republican from New York who won reelection in November, will be resigning from Congress after revelations of tax evasion.  Grimm has plead guilty to charges of not paying taxes on over $1 million.  A special election will choose his replacement.




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