Daily Catch 1/5/15: Fairpoint, Income Tax, and Rambo


Fairpoint Talks Resume

On Sunday, Fairpoint Communications resumed negotiations with the union representing striking workers across New England.  Neither side is commenting on the talks at the moment, due to federal rules.  The talks are being held in D.C., shortly after a major court ruling in Fairpoint’s favor.  Strikes have been ongoing since October.

Cut The Income Tax

Is Maine ready to eliminate the income tax?  It seems that Governor LePage has plans to eliminate, or drastically cut, Maine’s income tax.  The income tax accounts for approximately half of the state’s revenue, and some are theorizing that the lost revenue will be made up through changes to the sales tax.  The abstract proposal is already drawing negative reactions from Democrats.  LePage’s plan for the income tax’s future will be revealed in the governor’s budget proposal on Friday.

Rambo Returns

Yes.  Sylvester Stallone, the now 68 year-old actor, will be reprising his role of John Rambo in the fifth installment of the series, Last Blood.  No release date has been announced.


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