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Daily Catch 1/8/15: Inauguration, Death Penalty, and Bigfoot?


Okay, yesterday was a pretty busy day in Maine politics… let’s see if we can fit them all in here.


On Wednesday, Governor Paul R. LePage took the oath of office, administered by Senate President Mike Thibodeau, R-Winterport.  In his second inaugural address, the governor laid out a bold agenda for his second term.  Highlights include cutting/eliminating the state income tax, lowering energy costs, reforming welfare, and restructuring how municipalities provide services.  Gov. LePage also set apart time during his speech to talk about an issue that’s very personal for him, domestic abuse.  For more on that subject, read this interview with the governor published yesterday.  Scroll down for a full video of the event from MPBN.

Will the Death Penalty Return to Maine?

Senator Bill Diamond, D-Windham, wants to start the legislative session off with a fairly controversial proposal.  The senator, who has served for many years in the state legislature and was elected again in November, wants to reinstate the death penalty for individuals convicted of murder in relation to a sex crime against a child.  In the past, the senator has opposed to any death penalty, which the state eliminated in the 1800’s.  According to Sen. Diamond, the execution would not take place in Maine, but outside of the state in a federal facility.

In Case You Missed It

Here’s yesterday’s column from the Maine Heritage Policy Center’s CEO, Matthew Gagnon.  Go read it.


Yes, you read that right.  Bigfoot has been spotted in Maine.  Check out the undeniable evidence (read blurry footage with someone walking in the background) captured by a Turner resident.

Screenshot (3)

Unrelated, the teen who recorded this video has bragged (allegedly) about faking the whole thing.

Hunt Still Ongoing After Paris Massacre

After a grisly attack on the headquarters of comedic and edgy French magazine, Charlie Hebdo, which left 12 dead, one of the suspects has turned himself in.  Police are still searching for two other suspects behind the shooting.  Survivors of the attack are defiantly publishing a new issue next week.

Poliquin for a Balanced Budget Amendment

Yesterday was not only a big day for Gov. LePage.  Maine Congressman Bruce Poliquin took to the House floor for the first time yesterday to talk about a balanced budget amendment.  Check out the video here.


And as promised, here’s a recording of Gov. LePage’s inauguration ceremony.


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