The Great Divide: The Left’s Disconnect with Middle America


In the first 100 days of Donald Trump’s presidency, the American political left has disconnected itself from hard-working American voters in a frenzied state of self-destructive psychosis, raging against everything large swaths of Americans believe in.

While black-masked thugs vandalize government institutions and demand government officials deny the free speech rights of Americans they disagree with, others among the same groups carry signs claiming to oppose fascism.

Since when is sucker-punching someone a peaceful expression of your beliefs, and not the definition of fascism?

In Washington, the more “professional” left rages against attempts to save the American healthcare system from collapse. They make false claims that the amended AHCA would leave people without health insurance and ignore millions of Americans priced out of the insurance market under their so-called “affordable” plan, while one-fifth of American counties are on the verge of losing their last insurer.

At the recent “science marches,” the rent-seeking, grant-funded, special-interest left held signs and marched for continued government funding of research on a topic they claim is ‘settled science.’ How about some funding for a grant to educate these marchers on identifying an oxymoron, which is exactly what their ‘settled science’ talking point is?

In Maine, liberals lash out against the influence of big-money PACs in Maine government while rallying around a liberal taxation committee chair who was literally on the payroll of one of the biggest PACs in the state, simultaneously serving as a legislator appointed to a position purposely to protect that groups biggest issue of concern. Additionally, they scoff at Maine’s unemployment rate of only 3-percent and record private sector jobs numbers under Gov. LePage and Republican leadership.

At the same time, they claim too many people have left the workforce, defend the policies of unlimited welfare with no work requirements, hyper-extended unemployment benefits and anti-business policies, all created by their liberal predecessors.

Was an 8-percent unemployment rate, anemic private sector job numbers and stagnant wage growth under Gov. John Baldacci with Democrat majorities somehow better?

Maine Democrat leadership, largely adhering to only the most liberal policies of the Portland progressive set, spent the entire 2016 election cycle finding new angles to accuse Republicans of racism, xenophobia and all sorts of despicable, yet untrue, motives.

In April, these same leaders stood just a few steps away at an official state party event as one of their former Senate candidates expressed approval over rising suicide rates among white men. Did they stand up to real racism when they had the chance? Not so much. They said nothing.

While Venezuela, South America’s most celebrated socialist state, was flooding the streets of Caracas with troops to put down opposition to the economic destruction of socialism (yet again), DNC Chairman Tom Perez was parading socialist Bernie Sanders across a stage in Portland to demonstrate “unity” among Democrats and the socialist Senator. Perez was booed, Sanders was cheered, and nary a soul in the audience seemed concerned about what that same path of socialism could do to America.

Closer to home, liberals are positively giddy with Speaker Sara Gideon’s “Opportunity Agenda” for Maine. Instead of reducing taxes on Maine’s working families and small businesses, Speaker Gideon and her allies propose the largest spending increase in Maine history. This increase is reminiscent of the spending sprees under Gov. Angus King, which left Maine with a decade of rolling budget shortfalls until remedied by Republican leadership.

Among the claims being made by liberals as they tout their latest spending spree proposal is that Gov. LePage has cut education funding (despite increasing education funding by $100 million and has proposed no cuts in the current budget). They claim they’ll cut property taxes (ignoring the law and history proving that they can’t and won’t), and that they will not drive doctors, specialists, small business owners and taxpayers who already pay more than half of Maine’s personal income taxes out of state (never mind the letters and emails from professionals who say it already is).

As if on cue to prove GOP claims that more spending in the “Opportunity Agenda” will not reduce taxes or provide funding for our public school classrooms, the Mayor of Portland is now asking for a pay raise above 10-percent and an approximately $6,000 annual vehicle allowance.

If you think left’s disconnect cannot be worse than what you just read, all you have to do is look to city council agendas in places like Orono and South Portland, where liberals are pushing the establishment of so-called sanctuary cities to defy federal immigration laws. Or you could look to Augusta, where their fellow travelers oppose efforts to ensure compliance with immigration laws by rallying against fictional proposals created by their handlers and ignoring the actual text of legislation under consideration.

I guess it is no wonder that 67-percent of Americans say that the Democratic Party is out of touch.

At this rate, it could be 80-percent by the end of the year.


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