The Constitution notwithstanding…


The progressive establishment loves big government. Conversely, it really dislikes Americans born with individual rights and steeped in the American Dream. Why is it that life, liberty and property are such a threat to the progressive establishment? Because Constitutional Americanism is an existential threat to the concept of big government’s absolute control and power over the people. The establishment doesn’t mind, and in fact is quite comfortable with, the corruption that comes with absolute power.

Unfortunately, when politicians become corrupted, they tend to become lazy and, like water, take the path of least resistance. From time immemorial, the acquisition of power is more seductive than the protection of the people’s rights. Over a relativity short period of time, government functionaries, elected or appointed, evolve from protecting the people to ruling them. They become establishment elites.  

The royalty of Washington, D.C., the state houses and city halls all prefer big government because it is easier to deal with a few players with lots of campaign cash than the 300+ million Americans and their small, often undercapitalized, enterprises. The Constitution notwithstanding, they set no limits on the growth of government, and they circumvent, at every turn, the limits on the powers granted to government by the people.   

The Constitutions of the United States and the various states notwithstanding, big government allows the establishment in the city, state and federal governments, access to the country’s wealth and power. The accrual of wealth and power enables the establishment denizens to rule the people rather than protect the people’s inalienable rights. 

The more wealth taken from the American people, the greater the power and wealth of the establishment elites. Power being usurped from the people by government is the slippery slope into despotism. The Constitution notwithstanding, the establishment takes property from the people without due process, compelling government purpose, or just compensation. They give a small percentage to people who vote for them and keep the vast majority to the machinery that administers and profits from government handouts. 

The establishment, at all levels, totally dislikes having to deal with the messy nature of free speech, religious beliefs, uncontrolled press, gun ownership, due process, property ownership, the free market, entrepreneurs, small businesses and unregulated thought. Establishment politicians can’t or don’t want to understand how anyone could disagree with their established wisdom. In fact, they won’t tolerate opposing views. The Constitution notwithstanding, they suppress dissent.  

Establishment elites can’t stand the messy cacophony of ideas and thoughts (contrary, or thought to be contrary) to the establishment’s politically correct patterns of speech and thought. The Constitution notwithstanding, the establishment suppresses freedom of speech.

The establishment tolerates violence and property destruction against the businesses and dwellings of American citizens in municipalities across the country. However, the establishment will not tolerate violence against their seat of power or dwellings. The Constitution notwithstanding, establishment elites are doing everything they can to make violence by some mobs acceptable and violence by other mobs illegal.

Why do the establishment elites want to do these things that are so destructive to the Constitution, to the life, liberty and property of the American people? The simple answer is that they are intoxicated by the acquisition and exercise of power.  


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