Body Cam Footage Contradicts DOJ Account of Paul Pelosi Attack


Mystery still surrounds the horrific attack on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul Pelosi at the couple’s home in San Francisco. Namely, who opened the door when police showed up?

The initial police account of the attack indicated that an unnamed third person opened the door when police arrived. Later, the DOJ’s narrative of events said police officers opened the door. Now, NBC is reporting that a source who has seen the bodycam footage said the footage clearly shows Paul Pelosi opening the door.

So far, there has been no public statement from local SF law enforcement or the Department of Justice about why there have been so many discrepancies between the various narratives of the events that night.

Although Democrats and the mainstream media attempted to cast Pelosi’s attacker, David DePape, as a right-wing activist somehow inspired by Republican political rhetoric, subsequent reporting has revealed DePape was a one-time Barack Obama supporter and a frequent user of hard drugs. In other words, rather than a political extremist, he was just a nut (and an illegal alien from Canada). But that didn’t stop left-wing political commentators from weaponizing DePape’s actions prior to the midterm elections.


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