Maine Mom Filing Human Rights Complaint Against School That Secretly Coached Daughter Into Gender Change

Amber Lavigne of New Castle addresses the CLCSS AOS 93 school board

The mother of a Damariscotta 13-year-old who public school officials encouraged to undertake a gender transition is filing a complaint against the school with the Maine Human Rights Commission.

Amber Lavigne, of Newcastle, discovered that Great Salt Bay Community School employees had started to socially transition her daughter into a boy when she discovered a breast binder in the girl’s bedroom. Her daughter later told her the binder was provided to her by a social worker at the school.

Lavigne went public with the shocking story Dec. 14 at a school meeting.

The social worker who provided the binder to Lavigne’s daughter is 26-year-old UMaine graduate student Sam Roy, who has a conditional license from the state of Maine to practice social work. He started working in the school in October.

Lavigne did not know Roy was working with her daughter, she said.

Sam Roy (Source: LinkedIn)

School officials have refused to answer questions about the affair, but the district did post a statement to its website on Monday from school board chair Samuel Belknap III.

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“The Board is aware that rumors and allegations have been published and republished on various social media platforms relating to this issue,” said Belknap.

The statement did not offer any insight into whether Roy will remain employed with the school district or whether school officials approved on his interaction with the 13-year-old girl.

The school’s policies appear to have been violated in this case, as documents available on the school’s website say staff are prohibited from asking students to keep secrets.

Lavigne has called on every school official who had knowledge of the secret plan to transition the gender of her daughter to resign.

On Wednesday, she told the Daily Wire that she intends to file a complaint with the Maine Human Rights Commission.


  1. “The State agency charged with the responsibility of enforcing Maine’s anti-discrimination laws. The Commission investigates complaints of unlawful discrimination in employment, housing, education, access to public accommodations, extension of credit, and offensive names. The Commission attempts to resolve complaints of discrimination to the mutual satisfaction of those who are involved.”

    Interesting. I wonder what type of discrimination she believes she experienced. I hope she also pursues the ethical violation with the social work board. Our boards need to begin hearing these types of complaints so that a new clinical consensus can be established.


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