Maine School Hides Staff List After Report on Secret Gender Transition for 13-Year-Old Girl

Great Salt Bay Community School officials won't answer questions about Amber Lavigne's shocking allegations. Instead, they're scrubbing the school's website of evidence that social worker Sam Roy works there.


Officials at a public school in Damariscotta won’t respond to The Maine Wire’s questions about a 26-year-old conditionally licensed social worker who secretly began a gender transition for a 13-year-old girl, but they’ve found time to scrub social media and the school’s website.

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On Wednesday, parent Amber Lavigne revealed to the school board of the Great Salt Bay Community School that Sam Roy, a social worker at the school, had provided her daughter with a breast binder without her knowledge or consent.

Breast binders are devices used to flatten the appearance of breasts. Advocates for gender ideology view them as stepping stones to eventual double mastectomies, surgeries that remove healthy breast tissue. The devices are often used to begin social gender transitions for biological females.

Lavigne also said school employees had started to use masculine pronouns to refer to her daughter as part of the social transition they began without her knowledge.

The 13-year-old girl told her mother Roy advised her to keep the gender transition a secret from her parents, an act which may constitute a violation of the school’s personnel policies.

“A social worker at the school encouraged a student to keep a secret from her parents,” said Lavigne.

“This is the very definition of child predatory sexual grooming,” she said. “Predators work to gain a victims’ trust by driving a wedge between them and their parents.”

The treatment of Lavigne’s daughter by public school employees raises several questions about the school’s policy for hiring social workers and handling student mental health issues.

Is it the school’s policy to coach students into gender transitions without their parents’ permission?

Will there be any discipline for Roy or does the school approve of his conduct?

How many other students have been led into gender transitions by social workers without parental consent?

What is the school’s policy for hiring conditionally licensed social workers?

Who else at the school knew Roy had provided the 13-year-old girl with a breast binder?

Those are just a few of the questions school officials in AOS 93 are refusing to answer. Superintendent Lynsey Johnston has refused to respond to multiple phone and email inquiries. Every member of the school board has declined to comment on Lavigne’s allegations.

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According to Lavigne’s testimony at the school board meeting, no school employee has been fired as a result of the incident. But Roy’s conduct may have violated the school’s policy regarding how staff members are supposed to interact with students.

The school’s policy documents prohibit staff from “asking a student to keep a secret.”

Rather than answer questions about how the school treated Lavigne’s daughter, the Great Salt Bay Community School has begun scrubbing evidence of Roy’s employment with the school from its website. A section of the school’s website that listed contact information for staff members at the school was deleted following The Maine Wire’s reporting last week.

Roy has scrubbed his social media. So has Chris Coleman, the 4th grade teacher at the school who criticized Lavigne at the board meeting after she revealed the secret gender transition.

As of Monday, no other news outlet in Maine has reported no Lavigne’s allegations.


  1. I noticed that as well. I was trying to determine if Roy was employed by the school district or was employed by an outside organization that provided counselors for clinical services in Maine. There are many such programs in Maine and that makes a difference clinically and procedurally.

    Great reporting Mr. Robinson. A child was endangered, a family was hurt, and a precedent was set. Systemic changes could occur as a result of this reporting that could help a lot of families.


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