Author: Dr. Alan Boone

Dr. Alan Boone of Bangor is a native of Presque Isle, a retired internist/medical oncologist, private pilot who enjoys a 55-year old airplane/floatplane, and holder of unpopular views, such as profound skepticism regarding man-made global warming.

Our Western civilization is approaching a great day. But a lot of work is still necessary to complete the reversal of centuries of oppression by our (mainly white) ancestors. When I was a child I used to enjoy trips to Squapan Lake without realizing how offensive the name was to our Native American neighbors. Likewise later on I spent many happy hours skiing at Squaw Mountain oblivious as to how hurtful that name was to some. Since then I’ve been re-educated. I’m a better person. Although we’ve made progress in wiping some of those racist place names from the map…

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