Author: Steven Foster

Rep. Steven Foster was elected to the Maine House of Representatives in 2018 after serving as a member of the MSAD 46 School Board from 2000 to 2012. He has also served on the MSAD 46/AOS 94 School Board from 2000-2012. He currently serves on the Legislature's Energy, Utilities & Technology Committee.

High energy costs are making Maine increasingly unaffordable for people of average means. Misguided state energy policies are contributing to the problem of high energy costs and are making a bad situation even worse. Governor Mills is committed to California-style electric vehicle mandates. Despite the Governor’s recent claim that she doesn’t support a California-style mandate to ban gasoline vehicles by 2035, her Climate Council’s recommendations, the updated Maine Clean Transportation Roadmap, and Maine’s close adherence to some of California’s stringent emissions standards make that difficult to believe. Her Clean Transportation Roadmap states: “The most important regulatory driver in the electrification of Maine’s…

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