The Week in Review Podcast – May 11, 2012


Tune in to this week’s Maine Wire ‘Week in Review’ podcast. Click below to listen.

Hosted this week by:

  • Sam Adolphsen, Director, MHPC’s Open Government Center
  • David Crocker, Director, MHPC’s Constitutional Law Center
  • Lance Dutson, MHPC CEO
  • Peter Steele, MHPC Communications Director


  • Obama’s jailhouse competition
  • Chellie “Pink Slime” Pingree
  • The future of newspapers
  • MaineHousing gets slammed by the Feds
  • Virgin Islands hijinks

About Steve Robinson

Steve Robinson is the former editor of The Maine Wire and currently the executive producer of the Kirk Minihane Show. Follow him on Twitter @BigSteve207.