Maine Moose on the Loose!


This fascinating video was shot this morning on the Falmouth Spur. It shows a young moose making his way up the highway at a brisk pace, hooves clacking on the pavement, as it runs parallel to the car driving in the passing lane. It narrowly avoids being hit as it darts across oncoming traffic.

A reminder from the Maine Wire to drive safely as you make your way to holiday destinations this Fourth of July! (videotaping while driving not recommended)


  1. Oh, my!!! I’m surprised we didn’t hear the driver say “oh, sheet” when that perky little guy leapt the fence…I saw one at dawn, on my way to lobstering in Georgetown, but he veered off into the woods. I sent this to everybody I know. What a splendid trot, non?! I love this video.


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