Maine Democratic candidate for State Senate says she “may have to hunt down Grover Norquist and drown him in my bath tub”

Democrat Senate candidate Colleen Lachowicz “world of warcraft” character

A new website, “,” features dozens of online posts made by State Senate candidate Colleen Lachowicz, which include several references to her “love” and “enjoyment” of “stabbing” “poisoning” and “killing things” in the online fantasy game Word of Warcraft.

The site also quotes Lachowicz as saying in an online post, “The insanity has gone on long enough. Individuals like me and others can not respond like a funded and organized government effort. Now if you’ll excuse me, I may have to go and hunt down Grover Norquist and drown HIM in my bath tub.”

Grover Norquist, a national leader in the conservative movement, is well known for having said he wants a government small enough that we “can drown it in a bathtub.” Norquist is also responsible for the “Taxpayer Protection Pledge”, which he asks candidates to sign, sealing their promise to never raises taxes.

There are dozens of additional online posts from Lachowicz on the site that feature violent dialogue, curse words and crude comments made by Lachowicz.

“Oh…and I can kill stuff without going to jail,” Lachowicz says in one post. “There are some days when this is more necessary than others,” she continued.

Other Lachowicz posts feature some extremely strong language. “That is the joy of the VM [Vagina Monologues] traditional or trans! Yelling “C- – -“ onstage always cracks me up” Lachowicz said.

In another post she recalls a dream she had “from election season last year” when she “sat at my childhood dining room table and I reamed [sic] him a new a- -hole about Sarah Palin.”

Lachowicz is the Democrat candidate for Maine’s State Senate district 25, where she is running against incumbent Republican Senator Thomas Martin, who has served one term as Senator. District 25 consists of the Kennebec County communities of Albion, Benton, Clinton, Unity, Waterville and Winslow and the Somerset County communities of Detroit and Pittsfield.

The website,, which is “paid for and authorized by the Maine Republican Party” says that Lachowicz, “is a gamer in the massively multiplayer online role-playing game World of Warcraft (WoW), which takes place in the make-believe land Azeroth.”

The site notes that the she and the members of her “Wreck List Guild”—Colleen/Santiaga’s WoW online alliance—post comments to each other on liberal online forums including the Daily Kos, where they discuss politics, military policies, and WoW battle tactics.

In one online post, Lachowicz says about her guild, “We’re progressive…in fact we joke about being a socialist guild.”

Lachowicz regularly posts about political ideology. One of her more frequent crude remarks is regularly referring to “teabaggers” in her posts. In one post, she also questions Governor Paul LePage’s childhood story of being on the streets at age 11.

This isn’t the first time a Maine Democrat has come under fire for violent posts made online. In April of this year, TheMaineWire reported that the chair of Maine’s “Moderate Caucus,” democrat representative Chuck Kruger had tweeted that former Vice President Dick Cheney, “deserves same final end he gave Saddam,” adding that he, “Hope(s) there are cell cams.”


  1. We all understand that the MaineWire doesn’t abide by any sort journalistic standards, but even a ten year old would suspect that someone created a fake Twitter account for Lachowicz and posted this crap.

  2. Gerry, are there any games where gays, Jews, welfare cheats, and vote fraudsters can be hunted down and tortured? …would you ask her why virtual reality hatred is a better substitute for the real thing? ….or are they really the same?

    Sounds like you’re defending virtual reality killing and endorse gaming as a path to political office? Have you endorsed her campaign yet? Are you still having V.M’s with your t.g. friends?


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