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Bellows fibs about union backing


Bellows NetrootsDemocratic candidate for U.S. Senate Shenna Bellows has been caught misrepresenting her support from AFL-CIO labor unions.

“I received the unanimous endorsement of the AFL/CIO,” Bellows told a crowd at the left-wing Net Roots conference in Detroit.

Contrary to Bellows’ claim, she does not have unanimous support from AFL-CIO unions.

In fact, Republican Sen. Susan Collins, who leads Bellows by more than 55 to 36 points, according to publicly available polling data, received the endorsements of four AFL-CIO unions. The unions backing Collins include: the Maine Professional Fire Fights, United Auto Workers Local 3999, Local S6 Industrial Union of Marine & Shipbuilding Workers of America, and theLocal S7 International Association of Machinists.

The unions’ endorsement of Collins received great fanfare in Maine media — it’s rare indeed for typically Democrat-backing unions to support a Republican.

The video of Bellows’ false claim was distributed by the Maine Republican Party in an email Wednesday night.

“It’s impossible to receive a ‘unanimous’ endorsement when significant portions of the group have endorsed your opponent,” said Maine Republican Party communications director David Sorensen. “Bellows thought she could stretch the truth because she was at an out-of-state event, but the video tape doesn’t lie. If she really has concern about workers, she should immediately set the record straight and recant her false statement.”

Maine’s top newspapers have been silent on the matter.

The Portland Press Herald devoted a 600-word blog post to a Republican campaign consultant’s meaningless slip up Wednesday afternoon, but has yet to report on the Democratic candidate making an outright false statement. Likewise, the Bangor Daily News has yet to report on the fib.

Bellows false claim can be heard at the 1:07 minute mark in the video below.


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