Clinton’s Pattern of Dishonesty is Alarming


Everyone can agree that this election cycle is a continuing political phenomenon. It has been a race that defies boundaries and sets new rules. Between a political outsider beating out over 15 extremely qualified Republican candidates and a “democratic” socialist with a profound youth movement, 2016 has been a year of political surprises.

Like other young conservatives, I’ve enjoyed watching the defying power of the Republican Party, and I continue to be perplexed by Bernie Sanders and his “everything is free” policies.

But out of everything in this election cycle, to me one issue really stands out: Hillary Clinton’s continued dishonesty. I’ve never been a fan of the former Secretary of State, and her constant lies and elitist attitude baffle me. Her stances on political issues are one thing, but when it comes down to it, her deep ethical flaws are the reason I could never consider giving her my support.

First, Clinton continuously lied about the reasons behind the Benghazi attack. The September 2012 attack on two U.S compounds resulted in four American deaths, including the loss of Ambassador Christopher Stevens. The lack of security and response to those being attacked in Benghazi fell on the hands on the State Department.

But then, Secretary Clinton had told the public that the Benghazi incident was an unprecedented attack: a reaction to a recent “anti-Muslim” video. However, on her private email server, she was discussing how Benghazi was a planned attack by a known terrorist group. Why would she lie about the reasons behind the attack?

Being as she was responsible for the security and response in Benghazi, the least she could do is be honest with the victims’ families and the American people. But, she couldn’t even manage to do that.

Additionally, the email scandal and ongoing FBI investigation continues to be a glaring issue in Clinton’s presidential campaign. In 2015, it was discovered that Clinton used a private email server to discuss classified information during her time as Secretary of State.

Classified information and state secrets were thrown around just as casually as yoga routines and wedding planning. President Obama even tried to step in with his statement, “there’s classified, and then there’s classified,” as if these words could pardon Clinton for potentially exposing secrets and endangering American lives.

And instead of admitting fault, Clinton continues to deny she did anything illegal. When asked if she deleted any emails or wiped her server clean, she mockingly responded, “What like with a cloth?” Clinton’s lack of respect for the law and the American people really shined through in that moment.

Liberals often spotlight President Nixon for his paranoid attitude and his lies surrounding the Watergate scandal, yet no one ever talks about his foreign policy accomplishments, like opening up China. Many describe Nixon as a “dishonest” man. But isn’t it hypocrisy when those same people wave off Hillary Clinton’s lies as “honest mistakes” in spite of the ongoing pattern of deceit and scandal?

I’ve heard people say that everyone in Washington, D.C. is corrupt, no matter what. There may be some truth in that assumption, but few politicians have stooped to the level of corruption and dishonesty that Hillary has.

Continuous deceit and lies seem to follow her wherever she goes.


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