With Donald Trump’s Election, Mommy Said “No”


Since Donald Trump won the presidential election, there have been protests and riots in several areas of the country. For those steeped in recent American history, this is no surprise; it is just the continuation of the juvenile behavior seen in radical youth since the sixties.

Ever since college students in the sixties realized they could scream and cry about whatever they didn’t like, they’ve been doing it, much like infants protesting when their mommies don’t let them have all the cookies in the cookie jar.

What you are seeing is a temper tantrum against what today’s leftist students don’t like, as dictated to them by their leftist professors who themselves threw temper tantrums back in the sixties.

While many Americans are concerned about this, we will not to give in to them. Flag burners and those destroying property are receiving less and less sympathy and are instead raising the ire of the those around them.

Now even an election that was legitimately won is intolerable to the little tykes, and they’re demanding change.

They seem to believe that it’s only a true democracy if they get their way, and want to ignore the anyone’s point of view that conflicts with their own. T

This is reminiscent of the Brexit vote earlier this year when Great Britain voted to leave the European Union. Immediately after the vote, there were cries from the British equivalent of the left. A whole lot of college kids and their leaders declared the vote results to be a mistake, claiming that they hadn’t realized what they were voting for, and they needed to try again.

I don’t know what’s more pathetic: a person who declares that democracy should only include their point of view, or a person who says they had no idea what the vote was about and would like to try again. One’s a narcissistic infant who thinks all the cookies in the jar belong to him, while the other claims to be too stupid to know what’s in the jar, but wants all the contents anyway.

This behavior will not fly though. Americans won’t be swayed by this childish outburst.

These riots do not appear to just be isolated incidents of juvenile behavior, but in some instances, they are arranged and funded by larger organizations. Just as money from leftist donors like George Soros went into the riots in Charlotte, Ferguson and the Wall Street Protests, there is reason to believe that the same is happening here.

If leftist billionaires aren’t trying to sway elections such as with Maine’s recent referendum Question 3, they’re pouting about it by getting people to protest for them.

After all, what billionaire wants to muddy his own hands when he can pay others to throw things at police for him?

To add to this, some of the rioting seems to be backed by anarchist groups. Even though the term anarchist and group should not appear in the same sentence, this has not stopped whackos with international ties from rioting repeatedly in places like Washington and Oregon, and it appears these same groups are also aiding the rioting.

The rioters can run around hooting and hollering all they want, burning flags and bemoaning how the American system of free speech and elections has taken away their choices. It’s all a crock and more people than ever know it.

They can sputter all they want, but in the end, with Donald Trump’s election: mommy said no.


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