Trinity College Orders Tear Down of “Blue Lives Matter” American Flag


Trinity College in Hartford, CT, ordered the removal of a student’s American flag and attempted to confiscate the flag, according to a viral video depicting the incident.

In the video, an unknown woman who appears to work for the college removes a student’s flag, citing a request from an unspecified dean’s office. The American flag is stylized with blue, green, and red stripes, a nod to members of law enforcement, service members, and firefighters.

The woman orders the student to stop filming her and asks a colleague to call campus safety. She then attempts to steal the flag, claiming she will be bringing it to the unnamed dean.

The video circulated online following a tweet from the wildly famous account @LibsOfTiktok, which reposts videos of left-wingers behaving like left-wingers.

The woman in the video claimed that a new policy applied to all flags on the campus and shortly after the incident the college sent an email reminding students they are not allowed to hang any flags from their windows.

But @LibsOfTiktok and other Twitter users posted images appearing to show rainbow flags and transgender rights flags remaining on display or hanging from windows.

The college has not said publicly why the decision was apparently enforced against the students displaying the American flag rather than all students displaying flags.

The Communications Dept. at Trinity College did not respond to a phone inquiry.

Tuition at Trinity College cost $61,370 per year in 2020-2021.


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