Maine Lawmakers Skip Maine Printers, Send Taxpayer Cash to N.J.

(Source: Facebook)

[UPDATE: The Maine Wire has learned that all Maine lawmakers obtain stationary and business cards from the same New Jersey printer under a longstanding deal. It’s not immediately clear who negotiated that deal or why it wasn’t given to a Maine-based printer. But we’re updating the headline of the story to reflect the fact. We regret the error.]

A top Maine Democrat posted a braggadocios picture to her social media Sunday, inadvertently revealing that she passed over several Maine print shops to have her stationary work done in New Jersey.

House Majority Leader Maureen F. Terry (D-Gorham), the number two ranking Democrat in the House of Representatives, posted the picture of her new desk on Facebook on New Years Day.

Included in the image, alongside a mug from the Maine State Employees Association, was fresh new stationary printed in Prospect Park, New Jersey.

Lawmakers are given taxpayer-funded budgets to purchase items like branded letterhead and stationary, but they typically seek to keep those dollars in the state or even their own district.

A quick Google search would have identified no less then ten Maine-based companies that would happily accept taxpayer coin to print letterhead.


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