State Website Tells Public Employees How to “Decolonize Our Dreams,” Use Neopronouns, and Understand Privilege


A taxpayer-funded website operated by the State’s Bureau of Human Resources is a virtual Church of Wokeness.

The site offers state employees an education in all aspects of progressive dogma, from understanding hetero- and cis-privilege to challenging microaggressions and using neopronouns in the workplace.

“Are you a racist? ‘No’ Isn’t a Good Enough Answer,” is the title of one two-minute video on the site.

Another link points state workers to the work of Ibram X. Kendi, one of the most popular and commercially successful advocates for Critical Race Theory.

Kendi is best known for advocating for discrimination against white people in order to correct for historical injustices.

“The only remedy to racist discrimination is antiracist discrimination. The only remedy to past
discrimination is present discrimination,” Kendi wrote in “How to Be an Anti-Racist.”

Other articles educate state workers on the tenets of the gender identity belief system, including one article — a 43 minute read — on how to be an ally for transgender older adults. Fortunately, the same article is also available in Spanish.

Still more material elevates the culture of Native Americans, especially “Two Spirit” identities, and the importance of “decolonizing” history, decolonizing “Mother Earth’s Story,” and even decolonizing our very dreams.

The website is not available to the general public. Instead, it’s stored on a state intranet, which means only government workers on approved devices can access the material.

Although the various state agencies have their own Human Resources departments, the Bureau of Human Resources, a division of the Department of Administrative and Financial Services, is the head of Maine’s human resources bureaucracy. State workers affectionately refer to the Bureau as “Big HR.”

The communications department at DAFS didn’t respond to an inquiry about how much money the state has spent compiling these resources for state workers.

Traffic data inspected by the Maine Wire suggests that, over the past two months, just a couple hundred visitors have perused the content. A source who works for the state said the material hasn’t become mandated reading — yet.

The Maine Wire has submitted a Freedom of Access Act request to learn more about BHR’s progressive portal.


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