Author: John Osterhoudt

John Osterhoudt is a producer at Reason. Osterhoudt is trained as a director of theatre and film. Prior to joining Reason he wrote, directed, and produced plays, documentaries, and short films, which can be found at

Should Americans be allowed to freelance? Progressive Democrats have been pushing legislation at the state and federal level that would force gig economy companies like Uber and Lyft to make all of their independent contractors full-time employees. But that movement had a major setback in the 2020 election when California voters came out in favor of Proposition 22, which severely limits the impact of a 2019 law that, as it was originally written, could have wiped out the state’s freelance economy. The law, Assembly Bill 5, had already been weakened by several carve-outs. But Prop 22 deals a massive blow to A.B. 5’soriginal intent because it means that…

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