Author: Ona Brazwell

Ona Brazwell is a mother of seven-year-old twins and a resident of Alna, where she works from home as an IT Manager. She moved to Maine two years ago with her dogs, cats, kids and horse after 15 years working and living in the Washington DC metro area as a firefighter/paramedic and engineer/technical writer. She attended public schools her entire childhood and has a degree in health science. Ona also has a background teaching, including kindergarten classes for special needs children and adult courses in emergency medicine for medical professionals and healthcare workers.

In 2010, The Maine Heritage Policy Center shared an article titled, “School Choice working for Alna, therefore must be stopped.” It highlights a letter sent to our state representatives talking about the “threats” posed by school choice in the town of Alna. Ironically, the letter outlined the nature of preserving school choice as part of our consolidation agreement; a legally binding contract. The person who crafted that letter, Doug Baston, tried (and failed) to change the state laws surrounding the terms of that legally binding contract. Eight years later, Baston is now one of Alna’s selectmen and is once again trying…

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