BDN censors letter critical of UMaine censorship


BANGOR – The Bangor Daily News published a July 5 letter to the editor that criticized an environmentalist non-profit for cancelling a lecture by climate expert David Dilley, but not before removing allegations that University of Maine officials were involved in the decision.

Written by Dilley’s wife, a retired teacher and Hiram resident, the letter recounts how the Steuben-based Eagle Hill Institute made a last-minute decision to cancel a lecture by Mr Dilley, CEO of Global Weather Oscillations Inc.

Dilley, who has 40 years of meteorological and climatological experience, researches natural, non-anthropogenic causes of climate change. According to the letter, Dilley was scheduled several weeks in advance to participate in Eagle Hill Institute’s community lecture series.

However, just four days before the event, the non-profit informed him that his lecture was cancelled because some board members “may be uncomfortable hearing about Earth’s Natural Cycles”.

In other words, the lecture was cancelled because Eagle Hill Institute’s board was not interested in hearing about scientific research that contradicts the theory of anthropogenic (i.e. man-made) global warming.

While BDN printed the bulk of the letter, the editors omitted a key paragraph, which raised the question of whether the University’s Climate Change Institute may have played a hand in cancelling Dilley’s talk.

In the printed version of the letter, BDN editors removed the following paragraph: “Although Eagle Hill Institute in Steuben is a nonprofit organization, it has close ties with the University of Maine.  A day before the cancellation, Mr. Dilley’s web site was visited by several people from the University.  Could this be government interference into ‘freedom of expression and speech because it does not agree with your message’?”

Why would BDN choose not to publish this paragraph? Its letter policy states that submissions may be edited for “clarity, taste, libel and space,” and, to be fair, the letter was seven words over their 250-word limit.

Regardless of the motives behind BDN’s curious editing, Dilley’s censored claims about the University turn out to be true.

“The day before the cancellation three people signed into my website who very likely were affiliated with the University. One came directly from an UMaine computer,” said Dilley. “They probably took a look at my e-book and became uncomfortable,” he said.

A woman who works with the Institute confirmed that it had reached out to UMaine in order to vet Dilley and that professors with UMaine’s Climate Change Institute advised against allowing his lecture to go forward. The woman, who declined to speak on the record, said that Dilley’s lecture was cancelled because the Institute did not want to be seen as supporting dubious scientific work.

But Dilley is unhappy with their last minute decision to ditch his presentation — a presentation he has delivered countless times at conferences and universities across the country.

“It shows a very big lack of integrity,” said Dilley. In response to the Institute’s claims that his work rests on dubious, non-peer reviewed science, Dilley said that much of his research – including climate forecast models – remains private because he is running a business, not an academic journal.

For Dilley, the decision of UMaine officials and the Institute’s board to cancel his presentation is part of a broader, nationwide effort to suppress scientific research that runs counter to the mainstream narrative. One thing he talks about in his lecture is the manipulation of the federal grant process which over the past 10 to 15 year period has discriminated against research that calls theories of man-made global warming into question.

As a result of this biased grant process, said Dilley, the vast majority of scientific articles take the Al Gore perspective and give short shrift to natural causes of climate change.

“The University is tied into the green energy industry,” he said. “They don’t want people to know about natural cycles. They know which side their bread is buttered on. They don’t want to jeopardize their grants.”

“They don’t want people asking, why are we spending all this money on wind power?”


  1. I have no credentials to judge Mr. Dilley’s and have no idea the BDN’s editor’s climatological studies but transparency generally requires identification of input from interested parties.

  2. Hi!

    Censorship indicates “secrecy” and where there is secrecy, there is more likely lies.

    Why isn’t the Bangor Daily News reporting the truth of the matter rather than resorting to censorship, if in fact they did?

    Let’s hear the truth, and truth these days seems to be scarce or subject to punishment.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine.

  3. It’s disturbing to read this. There is a tremendous amount of money to be make on the theory of man made climate change or global warming, but students should be exposed to all scientific data. Politics shouldn’t play a part in a good well rounded education. Open minds and critical thinking should be encouraged, not smothered.

  4. The BDN supposed neutrality in providing the reading public with objective news is obviously skewed in it’s support for man made climate change. There is money to be made in it’s support for it’s owner who himself is heavily invested in this three card monte game to fleece the public. Who I ask you bestowed the federal government, or anyone else, with the ability to tax carbon? With this they’ll have the ability to tax our every breath. The last thing this establishment wants is an opposing point of view. Don’t confuse me with facts, my mind is made up!

  5. Mr. Dilly’s presentation is scientifically accurate and points out what is really happening to our climate. Many other scientists have run into the same problems if they do not go along with the theory that global warming is anthropogenic and we must rely on big government and a carbon exchange program to reduce the co2 content in our atmosphere. The problem is, co2 is not poison, in fact without co2, all the vegetation would die and so would we. There is an inconvenient process called photosynthesis that makes this happen. These people know this, but they all want us to think their version of global warming is real so they can manipulate the energy industry in the world and create a phony exchange for carbon that the UN and environmentalists will benefit from with and international tax, making the UN the ruling body over the entire world, tilled with unelected rulers that will tell the rest of us poor little people what rights they permit us, and who can live, where they can live, what they will do and when. What will happen if they can pull it off will give us a world that the movie “Hunger Games” portrays. Our form of government we have in the US is a problem for the elitists as our constitution is the definition to government of the limits of their power and that we get our rights from our creator. They intend to replace God with government. There are more scientists that agree with Mr Dilly’s theory (fact) that global warming is not anthropogenic, but natural, and that co2 is no problem for the climate than those that have been getting grants to convince people we have a crisis and only by allowing them to control the amount of co2 with their suppression of energy production. They want to eliminate the free market and freedom. Another scientist that is speaking out against the global warming alarmists and the idiotic conclusion that co2 must be controlled is John Casey. If you can get both of these scientists in one session, you will understand we are being duped by these elitists. Mr Dilly is an excellent speaker and supports his presentation with facts and can help people to understand what is really happening with the earth’s climate. If your academic staff refuses to allow Mr Dilly or John Casey to give their presentations, you are being led to the false premise that only by giving up many of the comforts you live with every day and allow the elites to control you, can life continue. Don’t buy that, it is pure garbage. Demand your universities have Me. Dilly, or John Casey, or both come and present their climate science so you can make you own assessment.


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